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As animal lovers, Hot Property pets have always been an important part of our lives.  Between us we have 4 dogs and 3 cats and we can help with almost any information or advice or any worries you may have about bringing your pet to Spain.   If it is your intention to add one or two pets to your family, once you arrive here, it couldn’t be easier.

CRISPY AND CRUSTY, 2 of our cats, were transported here as kittens, from Dubai and this wasn’t a problem at all.  The documentation, inoculations etc. were a formality and they soon settled here, despite moving home 4 times in a year, whilst waiting for their new villa in Javea to be constructed.  Crispy and Crusty have been with us for 16 years and looking good for a few more.


GUCCI, our Llasa Apso, was in a way a rescue dog (a long story) and she is now 14 years’ old.  Sarka keeps trying to teach her Spanish commands but, typically, she totally ignores all commands in any language.

LADY, who is 9, arrived only this year. 

Lady was inherited, following the sad passing of her devoted owner.  Despite poor lady having desperate separation issues, we were so lucky to find a brilliant pet transportation company to bring her here.

Transport for the love of Cats & Dogs Facebook page

We explained Lady’s separation issues and Craig suggested, that during the journey, he place her next to his cab so that he would be within direct contact with her at all times.  The journey from Chelmsford to her new home in Javea was approx 24 hours and, reading between the lines, Lady was thoroughly spoilt and she was in good spirits when she arrived.

You will find Lady most days in our Hot Property office in Moraira, as she still prefers to be with us in the office rather than her beautiful Mediterranean garden in Javea!

BONITA was another rescue dog from P.E.P.A.    This is a registered animal charity which fosters dogs to families until they find their forever home.

Pepa Spain

Bonita jumped from her 3rd floor balcony apartment in Javea 7 years’ ago, breaking her hip in 5 places.

She miraculously survived the fall but it was touch and go for several weeks whether she would need to have one of her legs amputated.  Our wonderful vet, Dr. Donato Perez Aliaga, whose clinic is in Teulada, not only saved her life but, with some revolutionary treatment, encouraged the nerves to heal and he saved her leg.  Even in middle age, she is still the bounciest dog we have ever met.

Aliaga Vet, Moraira

If you are planning to move to Spain, Javea, Moraira or Benitachell, are perfect places to live as there are many properties that border the zona verde (green belt) areas, a playground for cats, and there are many walking trails to explore.

TOBY -  Sarka’s pet, Toby, lives in Denia.  He is a Spanish race “Ratonero Valenciano” with a Spanish temperament!  He has absolutely no fear of big dogs and likes to show them that HE IS THE BOSS…..

Toby likes the mountain walk, which is close to his home in Denia, a beautiful area called Montgó (which is the mountain facing, to the North, Denia and to the South, Javea) where Toby and Sarka take daily 1-2 hour walks, enjoying the views to the sea and the ‘stuffing our faces to the sun’ (a Sarka expression).

Map my Walk

He likes home cooked food and his Friskies!!!

What would our life be without Toby, we love him!

If you are looking for a home in Denia, it is a wonderful place for people who own dogs, with numerous walking trails.

CHANCER - John has been with Hot Property for several years now and, since coming to Spain, has been involved with an animal rescue centre called S.C.A.N. (Society for the Care of Animals in Need) and his job, on a Monday morning, is to look after the needs of about 70 cats.  They are all shapes and sizes, so there is a cat for just about everyone.  They pride themselves on re-housing over 90% of all cats and dogs.

Unfortunately, John doesn’t have a cat of his own, as his wife is allergic to animal hair, but he does have a cat called Chancer who lives up the road and comes to see him every day.  He is a real character, loves his food and, when John is working in the garden, follows him around and plays just like a dog.

Chancer doesn’t like having his photograph taken, but he looks very much like this…

John lives on a mountain in Pedreguer, which is a great environment for cats because they can wander all over the place very safely.  Pedreguer is also a fantastic place to buy a property, with stunning views, over countryside, to the sea and many mountain walks.

John is surrounded by animal lovers, so Pedreguer is a wonderful place to enjoy your pets.

Your dogs and cats will be very happy living in our wonderful part of Spain – it’s a paradise for owners and pets alike.

Walking on the Costa Blanca - Costa Blanca Mountain Walkers

IMPORTING your Pet to Spain

The regulations in Spain insist that all dogs, cats and ferrets either have a microchip inserted in the neck or a registration number tattooed in an ear before they are permitted to enter.  They must also have the requisite inoculations and a blood test.  A rabies vaccination, although usually compulsory, is not obligatory for accompanied pets (including dogs and cats) when travelling directly from the UK.  It is compulsory if pets are transported by road from the UK to Spain, via France.  The rabies injection must be administered not less than one month and not more than one year before entry.  We found that our pet passport in the UK was available, with no problems, within one month.

Travelling to Spain, there is a restriction of 5 pets travelling per person and every pet must be at least 3 months’ old.

Full details of the pet passport requirements and all the requisite paperwork can be obtained from your vet. 

EXPORTING your Pet to Britain

British regulations are very strict and it is advisable to obtain up-to-date information from your vet well in advance.  This includes various vaccinations, including rabies, a blood test, having your pet microchipped etc.  Beware, it can sometimes take 6 months before you receive the passport.  This does, however, remove the need for the horrible trauma of a 6 months’ quarantine period which pets and their owners must otherwise endure.

Pets and Ferry Companies

We found, when opting to travel by ferry to Costa Blanca, the regulations varied.  Some companies require pets to remain in a vehicle, others allow pets accompanied and within a cabin.  Cabins, however, are often booked-up well in advance, so it is imperative to plan ahead.

We noticed that some on-line information advises that it may be necessary to tranquilise your pet.  The advice we were given was exactly the opposite and this is certainly not generally recommended.

Pets and Eurotunnel

Pets are welcome on the short Eurotunnel journey and they remain with you in your vehicle.  Guide dogs travel free.

Euro Tunnel

Pet travel frequently asked questions - Eurotunnel le shuttle

Pets and Eurostar

With the exception of guide dogs, pets are not permitted on Eurostar.

Pets by Air

The following airlines accept pets:

Aer Lingus
Air France
British Airways
Thomas Cook
Turkish Airlines
Virgin Atlantic

If you know of another, please let us know!

Each airline has its own rules and regulations, so you must check this and book well in advance.

Sky Scanner

Rules and Regulations in Mainland Spain

Dogs in Restaurants: 
It is not clear what the law is exactly, regarding dogs in restaurants.  In reality, you will find that some allow them and some don’t.  Since they are almost always permitted outside, when sitting in the beautiful sunshine, this is not usually a problem.

You are required by law to have your dog registered and for the registration number to be either tattooed in the ear or for a microchip to be inserted in the neck. There are fines in place for those who do not comply.

In Costa Blanca North,  you will find that dogs are banned from many beaches.

Dangerous Dog Restrictions:
The government recently introduced strict legislation regarding the ownership of dangerous dogs.  The specific breeds are: American Staffordshire Terrier, (Sumo wrestling dog,) Pit Bull, Rottweiler and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. ‘Dangerous’ breeds also include dogs that have all or most of the following characteristics: a strong and powerful appearance; a strong character; short hair; shoulder height between 50 and 70 cm and a weight of over 20kg (44lb); square and robust head with large jaws; wide and short neck; broad and deep chest; robust forelegs and muscular hind legs.


Clinica Aliaga Veterinary Clinic, Teulada

There are many excellent vets dotted all over our region.  However, for any pet that may need specialist or serious attention, we recommend the Aliaga Veterinary Clinic.  We have personally experienced some mini miracles performed by Dr. Donato Perez Aliaga and he has become a little bit of a hero to everyone at Hot Property.

They also provide boarding kennels for cats and dogs, where we have boarded our pets on many occasions over the years.


Monday - Friday: 9h - 16h
Saturdays: 10h - 13h
Ctra. Teulada-Moraira 17 - 03725
Teulada - Alicante
965 741 263
Emergencies: 677 020 063

Pet Carrier

Highly recommended by our vet and personally recommended by Hot Property –

Transport for the Love of Dogs and Cats


If you decide to add another lovely cat or dog to your family once you move to Spain, why not try one of these charitable organisations, where your new pet will be desperately looking for a loving home:

A.P.A.S.A Javea

Pepa Spain

Scan Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca Dogs

Costa Blanca Connect - info on cats & dogs

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